July 18, 2017

Following hospitalization due to an injury, stroke, or other major medical issue, many doctors will recommend that their senior patients receive rehabilitation services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, or nursing care before returning home.

What some families do not realize is that they have a choice when it comes to deciding where to complete rehabilitation. While there are many options, staying in a short term rehabilitation center can help seniors regain confidence and independence while improving their condition. Here are 3 great benefits of choosing a short term rehabilitation center for seniors.

Recover in a comfortable setting

Short term rehabilitation facilities can offer a warm, caring environment for seniors to focus on recuperating after a hospital stay. This is often a comforting retreat from the clinical environment of hospitals. In a senior rehabilitation center, senior patients can focus on healing in a relaxing, quiet, and supportive space. Many senior rehabilitation centers have private bedrooms and bathrooms, dining options, and other amenities to make recovery as smooth as possible for your loved one.

Personalized treatment from dedicated care professionals

Another benefit of staying in a senior rehabilitation center is the personalized treatment provided by care professionals. A short term rehabilitation center works to create a care routine that addresses each individual’s daily needs. Dedicated care professionals including nurses, therapists, dieticians, and social workers are available on staff to address your loved one’s changing needs. For seniors transitioning back home after hospitalization, this attention to detail and support is vital to facilitate improvements and help them regain strength and confidence.

A full spectrum of care

In a short term rehab center, seniors can expect the most advanced rehabilitation equipment and programs. Unlike at-home care, short term rehab programs provide seniors with the opportunity to experience specialized programs such as speech restoration therapy and pet therapy. Occupational therapy helps seniors regain their independence and prepare to head home by practicing everyday living activities like cleaning, cooking, dressing, and grooming.

When you’re ready to start looking for short term therapy care for a loved one, remember that you do have options. Be sure to look for a facility that specializes in senior rehabilitation with a team of dedicated and caring professionals on staff.